Our almond butter is the perfect pantry staple to help you build an endless array of simple, healthy & delicious meals.


Nutty Professor's Toast 

My brother, a professor of philosophy, often suffers from stress and distraction during his long days of research. One day, in the midst of a major crunch session he was hungry and having trouble focusing. So I made him this healthy, easy recipe packed with fiber & protein to help him stay centered.

Dreamy Creamy Ganache

My mother taught me that every good meal should end with something sweet.

As a health nut (pun intended) I believe that we are what we consume. Clean, healthful foods + medicine help move me toward my optimal wellness. Knowing that our dessert desires should not undermine all the goodness we strive for as a health conscious consumers, I'm constantly on the hunt for after-dinner treats that satiate the sweet tooth, meet medicinal needs and maintain healthy homeostasis. Well, here's a perfect solution...