Where Do You Ship?

We ship our CBD only products to all 50 states and Puerto Rico using USPS. We offer international Shipping via FedEx.

Our products containing THC ship to our members within California only. 


When Will My Order Ship?

Processing takes 1-3 business days. Orders placed after 1pm PST are processed the following business day. Please allow additional shipping time for orders placed during weekends and holidays.



What Are Your Days Of Opperation?

We fulfill orders Mon-Fri 9a-5p PST. But just because the sun goes down doesn't mean we stop working. We are here to answer your questions / concerns 7 days a week. Please Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Will The CBD Only Products Get Me High?

Nope! Our CBD only products contain nutrient rich hemp oil which is completely non-psychoactive. This means you get all the healing, rejuvenating benefits of the Cannabis plant without the high.


What Type Of Cannabis Is Used In The Products?

Our CBD only products contain nutrient rich hemp oil, which is legal in all 50 States and can be shipped to you, no matter where you live.

Our THC products are made with c02 extracted cannabis oil and are accessible to Cannabis members only. Interested in becoming a member? Click here.


I'm Interested In Your THC Products. How Can I Access Them?

Become a member of our collective. To do so, click Here to upload your patient information. Don’t have a medical recommendation yet? No problem, get your green card here.


What Is The Difference Between CBD & THC? 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in Cannabis that helps ameliorate a plethora of ailments including inflammation, stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound found in the Cannabis plant responsible for creating a euphoric feeling. 

Our CBD only products do not contain any THC. Our THC products, however, do contain CBD, so you get added benefit. 


What Is Microdosing, or Microdispensing? Why Is It Good For Me?

Whether you are rediscovering this amazing plant or exploring it for the first time, at Highland Pantry we believe that slow and steady is the name of the game.

That’s why our products are low dose and delicious. We believe in Microdosing, or Microdispensing, small amounts of Cannabis on a consistent basis to maintain a health balance. Our products are limited to 10MG per packet, which will help you achieve relaxation without feeling out of control.  Get that manageable mellow, not a heady high.

Still worried about dosage? Start small. Eat half your packet and wait 45 minutes. More questions on this topic? Get in touch with us.

I'm A Retailer & Would Like To Carry Your Products.

Awesome! Please email us at highthere@highlandpantry.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!


I Just Registered As A Member Of Your Collective. When Will I Have Access To THC Products? 

Welcome to the HP community!

Processing can take up to 1-2 business days. Once you are approved you will receive an email with unique login information. This will grant you access to our THC products for purchase. Shipping within California only.


What Is Your Return Policy?

We do not accept returns.