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Our Story

Since we were little, we have watched our moms fight a seemingly never-ending battle with pain. Be it chronic migraines, debilitating arthritis or sleeplessness and anxiety, our moms have been suffering, coping, medicating to feel well enough to get through the day.

But were they ever able to feel ‘themselves’?

Wanting to care for our moms as they have for us, we decided to stop watching as bystanders while our moms struggled to find satisfaction with more mainstream remedies (i.e. hot baths, opioids, injectable pain-killers). Instead, we decided to step in.

Based on the available research, and a lot of personal experimentation, we were able to make product and regimen recommendations to help our moms alleviate long term symptoms.

Our help was the catalyst for positive change in our mothers’ lives. Having gotten their health back using cannabis, our moms are now happily daily consumers, using products not just for pain management, but also for fun. And their favorite product? Our mints, of course.

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